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Lafferty Aircraft Sales - Saratoga, CA - (408) 378-5352

Lafferty Aircraft Sales specializes in the sale of quality, pre-owned aircraft ranging from high performance corporate jets to single engine airplanes. Our full service company is active in international and domestic markets, purchasing airplanes for our own account as well as offering both acquisition and sales brokerage for our clients. No matter what aspect of our company serves you, we provide only the very best service.... More Info

Las Vegas Aircraft - North Las Vegas, NV - (702) 540-5478

Las Vegas Aircraft Sales provides consulting services for aircraft owners, whether your ownership is whole aircraft, fractional, co-ownership in a group, or through an entity. With years of experience with assembling co-ownerships, aircraft management, dispatch, maintenance, fuel procurement, insurance, crew selection and training, etc. we can help you find the right arrangement to make sure your ownership experience is pleasant and rewarding.... More Info

Leading Edge Aircraft - Taylor, TX - (512) 426-7205


With over 50 years experience in the aviation industry, I am available to assist you with the sale of your current aircraft or with the acquisition of your next aircraft.

I have negotiated multiple corporate jet aircraft purchases from Fortune 500 companies to light single engine aircra... More Info

Lear Stevens Aviation - Chesapeake, VA - (757) 567-0568

Lear Stevens Aviation Services, Inc., provides the national and international aviation community, fixed and rotary wing, single / multi engine, turboprop / turbine and jet aircraft interational sales, export services including disassembly and crating, flight training, aircraft management, aircraft maintenance, pre-buy inspections, and ferry services.... More Info

LifeStyle Aviation - Morrisville, NC - (406) 359-1669

Lifestyle Aviation ( is a US based aviation marketing organization that helps people achieve and enjoy an “Aviation LifeStyle” through modern personal aircraft. LifeStyle Aviation is the #1 Diamond Distributor in North America and offers new DA20 trainers, popular DA40 gas and Jet Fuel burning aircraft, plus the Jet Fuel burning DA42 and the new seven place DA62 twin. LifeStyle Aviation is also the creator of the unique DiamondShare program ( that... More Info

Lone Mountain Aircraft Sales - Lebanon, OH - (888) 566-3686

There is no substitute for experience and reputation. The Lone Mountain team comprises sales agents who have clocked hundreds of aircraft sales and thousands of hours as pilots and who are eager to apply their vast experience with aircraft transactions to meet your needs. Lone Mountain also employs some of the best airframe and powerplant technicians in the industry.... More Info