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Jetaire, established in 1984, is a full-service avionics and aircraft engineering firm providing high-quality service to clients in the aviation and aerospace industries. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Jetaire is global in reach and our dedicated employees, located in four offices worldwide, provide over 150 value-added technical and engineering solutions to customers in 51 countries. Jetaire is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved Design Approval Holder (DAH) with Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) and is certified to manufacture FAA certified flight qualified electronic and mechanical hardware for commercial aircraft.

Why Jetaire?

Jetaire was the first to certify a FAA Class D2C Cargo Compartment and, as a result, Jetaire’s processes became the Gold Standard for the certification D2C Conversions.
Jetaire has a legacy of developing innovative solutions that enhance the safety and security of commercial aircraft.

COMMERCIAL EXPERIENCE – Jetaire’s DERs and DARs average more than 30 years experience providing engineering services including systems and equipment, interiors, structures, flight test, and program management.

MILITARY & GOVERNMENT EXPERIENCE – Jetaire has over 30 years experience providing high quality aerospace engineering services to customers in 53 countries worldwide.

TECHNOLOGY – Jetaire has proven expertise with technology trends offering unparalleled potential for military applications, including communications, radar, and electronic warfare systems. Maintaining Form, Fit, and Function is our highest priority.

STC CERTIFICATIONS – Jetaire has developed 500+ major FAA approvals since our inception and is the Design Approval Holder for 40+ commercial aircraft modifications. Jetaire’s substantial FAA and European certification experience enables us to manage your certification and engineering development activities. Our staff of DERs is capable of responding to your certification requirements quickly, effectively and efficiently.