Commuter Craft

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  • Cartersville, GA USA 30120
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Commuter Craft, LLC was formed in 2006 but its roots go back to 1972 when, in high school, Richard Hogan initiated the development of what has become Commuter Craft as well as the design of its products.
Commuter Craft currently is incorporated in the state of Georgia. Commuter Craft offers a line of personal transportation vehicles providing performance, efficiency and utility not currently available elsewhere in the marketplace.

At Commuter Craft, we perceive that innovation is not over the next hill but right in front of us.  The aircraft industry is eager for new designs and new levels of performance.  We’re dedicated to driving the future of General Aviation as being leaders, not followers.  Our philosophy can be summed up with 6 core principles:  Safety • Customer Service • Professionalism • Innovative Leadership • Aviation Advocacy • Abundance Mentality

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