Tradewind International, LLC

  • 1601 Knilans Rd
  • Janesville, WI USA 53546
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Tradewind International, LLC, of Janesville, Wisconsin, USA, serves the owners and operators of light and medium turbine powered helicopters around the world. We sell helicopter parts world-wide, and we purchase light and medium turbine helicopters, parts, components, complete inventories, and distressed and run-out airframes. We have served the helicopter industry for over 24 years, understand the needs of our customers, and have a reputation for being fair, honest and reliable.

Tradewind International, LLC, has a large inventory of quality parts, from reputable sources for outright sale and exchange. Our parts keep legacy helicopters in the air, doing what they were built to do. Customer satisfaction is our goal through responsive, courteous service, and by providing to our clients the parts they need, on a timely basis, and at a competitive price.