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  • Ipswich, SD USA 57451
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Thorson Aviation was established in 1969 by Steve Thorson as a full service Flying Service. Later Steve established additional flying services at Aberdeen(SD), Huron(SD), and Ft. Collins(Co). Currently operation headcourters is in Broomfield(Co) at Rocky Mountain Metro Airport (BJC).

Thorson Aviation was awarded top aircraft sales volume in 1975 for five states, by New Aircraft Manufacture and continued its top volume in aircraft sales through 1980.

Thorson Aviation Continued in the used aircraft business until present currently operation in Broomfield (Co) at Rocky Mountain Metro Airport(BJC).

At BJC Denver Thorson Aviation Specializes in Pilot Services for Jet, Prop Jet and Pressurized Piston Aircraft. Addition Services include flight schools for advanced training for  initial and recurrent pilot training (flight training is mainly for insurance purposes). 

Thorson Aviation also offers aircraft Cleaning and detailing.

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