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We are a small business dedicated to providing innovative solutions and improvements to the General Aviation Industry.  Because of our independent nature, we strive to bring you the best propeller models the world has to offer regardless of the manufacturer.  We simply identify aircraft that are struggling with old technology, and find what we believe will be the best enhancement available.  As with nearly everything else, there has been many great improvements in propeller technology over the last thirty years, but most aircraft have been unable to take advantage of these benefits due to the lengthy certification process.  However, we are making significant progress, and have recently received STC approval for the installation of "Scimitar" MT-Propellers on the Cessna 310,  "Scimitar" Hartzell propellers on the entire PA-32 line, and Hartzell, or "Scimitar" MT-Propellers on  the PA-18, and PA-12.   In addition, we also hold the STC for the installation of our new high performance exhaust system on Piper Super Cubs, and PA-12's with engines ranging from 150 to 180 horsepower.  What a difference!!!  To top it all off, we also offer services on the developement of your own STC's.  With the recent change in the field approval process, we are afraid that many of the brilliant ideas, from the folks out there flying and working on these aircraft, will be lost  to the world.  If you have a great idea, but need some help with the paperwork process, give us a call.  We will do our best to help, or maybe even partner-up, to get get the job done with little or no cost to you. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you.