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Hi, my name is Doug Davis. The first thing to know about me is that, as my page suggests, I'm  ALWAYS FLYING.

Since I was just a little guy, I always dreamed of flying. So when I got old enough, I got my private pilot license. From then on, there was no stopping me. I studied and became an instrument pilot. Then got certified to flying multi-engine planes. Then became an instructor. Then a chief flight instructor.I did that for many years. In fact, I have flown about 10,000 plus hours now. I've been in the business for over 35 years now.  I now buy and sell aircraft.

To this day, I still fly people around, teach a little and of course as a perk, I treat myself to little trips every now and then. I usually prefer Laughlin, Nevada for a little getaway. I sometimes go alone and sometimes take my wife or flying buddies along for a night of fun. Flying, gambling, relaxing. Now that's the life!

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