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If you are reading this, then CONGRATULATIONS may be in order. 

Very few individuals in the entire world ever learn to fly - even fewer ever have the chance to actually OWN an aircraft.
Why use Gone Flying Aviation to purchase YOUR next aircraft?
Before launching GONE FLYING AVIATION, I bought and sold seven aircraft for my personal use. My first aircraft was a Beech. Since then, I have owned Cessna, Commander, Piper, and more Beechcraft. Many times I made good decisions, but not so much during the beginning. A few of my early mistakes included over paying, under inspecting, and purchasing an aircraft that did not properly meet my normal "mission profile". We are here to help you avoid some of these costly mistakes and like a good GPS, guide you smoothly to a happy landing.

Please take a moment to view our current inventory of selected aircraft. If you do not find the aircraft that you are currently seeking, feel free to contact us and we will conduct the search for you. We can even become your personal "Buyer's Agent" and locate, inspect, and negotiate the deal on your behalf. 

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