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Ag Air LLC, a Strathmeyer company, is a leading provider of aerial application and topdressing services to agricultural businesses throughout south central Pennsylvania.  Ag Air LLC utilizes a Bell Ranger helicopter and a Soloy helicopter equipped with Micronair nozzels allowing us to adjust droplet size for controlled field spraying of pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers. Our equipment is FAA approved and inspected, and we maintain our fleet to strict, high standards far beyond the minimum recommendations.  Ag Air LLC has been in business for over 5 years, treating over 20,000 acres per year since 2003. Our pilots have over 60 years combined experience in the agricultural protection industry and are licensed to fly in restricted P-40 zones. Together, our staff has over 100 years experience in agricultural sales and service. Our goal is to protect your valuable crops from threatening insects and disease while promoting healthy vegetable growth in an environmentally sound manner.

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