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AVIATORS UNLIMITED AND JOHNNY WHITE                             

"It is my passion to pass on the skills and knowledge I have acquired and perfected over the years to those that
love flying an Airplane and desire to be and "AVIATOR"!
 I like the word "Aviator" and think there should never be a limit on how good one's "Stick & Rudder Skills" should be nor what an "Aviator" can accomplish so I formed  Aviators Unlimited to provide custom, top quality Flight Training so that you can learn the proper skills to pilot an airplane of any type safely. Whether for pleasure or professional purposes. I want to teach you the "Art" of flying an Aeroplane by teaching you the best "Stick & Rudder and Seat of Your Pants" aircraft control skills so you can fly any type airplane safe and competently for sport, recreational or Professionally. I teach Aerobatic, Advanced Spin, Emergency Maneuver Recovery and Upset training in a Pitts Special. I am an Air Show performer doing intense solo aerobatics in a Pitts S2C and a hair raising Comedy Act in a Piper J3 Cub. If you want to be Thrilled and Entertained with Awe and Laughter, I can do it my PITTS SPECIAL and J3 Cub either in your Air show or Corporate outing. I performed my first Air show In 1973 in a J3 Cub and am still doing it today as "Baron Von Ground Loop"!  If you own Sport, Antique / Classic airplane and want it maintained, repaired or modified I will make it safe and
pretty. I also provide maintenance education to care for Sport Aerobatic Type Aircraft.  See my Maintenance page
for details and my new 60 X 60 Hangar facility.

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