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Manufactures and distributors of Aircraft Moving Equipment and Ground Power Equipment. Priceless have a philosophy to bestow the best quality ground power and tugs to their clients at truly competitive prices. Peace of mind is also at the forefront of the Priceless product range with excellent ground power equipment power to weight ratio, the latest technology for the movement of aircraft, top quality components and unrivalled after sales support. 

Priceless Tugs are designed by people who understand the importance of being able to glide an aircraft around a hangar and airfield with absolute accuracy. The original design was spurred by the lack of user understanding with the designs that where currently on the market, pilot and chairman of Priceless, Elvin Price, got to building the first of the Priceless Tug range and the famous lazy Susan turn table was born. The Lazy Susan enables the user to have phenomenal maneuverability, turning an aircraft on its own wingspan without fear of damage to the nose gear. The Priceless tug range now consists of over 12 different tugs. 

An increasing number of organizations are choosing solid state solutions to their GPU requirements. Specialists in solid state GPU manufacturing, Priceless are able to provide these organizations with the green, and practically noiseless solution they are looking for. The unit saves on servicing costs and product development is enhanced by ongoing investment. 
Priceless have built their sought-after reputation for excellence through these policies and have developed a faithful customer base across the globe. Their Tug and GPU range has been given wide recognition from both the military and civil markets and Priceless has been the choice on numerous occasions by the military and affiliated equipment partners to create bespoke power solutions.

A large team of international distributors provide oversea customers with the after sales care and local support which is so important for the client experience.