Barrett Precision Engines Inc.

  • 2870-B N Sheridan Rd
  • Tulsa, OK USA 74115
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If you're looking for top of the line engine work, Barrett Performance Aircraft, Inc. is the place to go.  Follow the steady stream of U.S. Aerobatic Team members who beat a path to Barrett's door month in and month out to this legendary shop tucked away in one of the many FAA-approved crevices on North Sheridan Road in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The company is a small, low volume facility, which allows us to focus on premium top of the line overhaul and modification work.  Collectively, BPA Inc personnel have over 60 years of Aircraft Powerplant experience. Expect the best and get it!  
Barrett Performance Aircraft has an unrelenting commitment to quality and innovation that can't be found anywhere else.  Many of BPA's customers are hard driving, airwhow and competitive aerobatic performers who put their engines through extreme conditions on a daily basis.  The mission critical nature of BPA's work means that the crew at Barrett Performance Aircraft, Inc does the best possible job, using the best methods and materials available to ensure that your engine will keep you in the air.  
If you want a shop where the emphasis is on fanatical attention to detail and where the end result is an engine whose every opersting parameter has been painstakingly documented in the industry's most elaborate dyno, you can't do better than Barrett Performance Aircraft Inc.