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J.P. Instruments is the leader in aircraft engine data management systems. Started in 1985, by engineers that were also Pilots, JPI is a highly respected and experienced avionics company. Our business focuses on the "American Dream".  We design, develop, manufacture and sell aircraft avionics systems at our locations in California.

JPI's primary market is presently focused on the aircraft engine data management field, which began with the Scanner and evolved into the EDM series and later, the Fuel Scan 450.  Since the inception of the EDM-500 in 1986, we have specialized in the recording of all engine parameters.  JPI has pioneered the low cost Fuel Flow analyzers, which were twice what they cost now.   Recently, due to our overall success with other products and reputation for accuracy and quality, JPI has developed a new line of Primary instruments for Singles (EDM-930) and Twins EDM-960 to replace all the instruments in the aircraft panel.  

 We only ask that you take a look at what we have to offer first.