Heart of the West Aircraft Engines, Inc.

  • 3831 N Bridge St
  • Brady, TX USA 76825
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Heart of Texas Aircraft Engines, Inc. is the home of "NO SURPRISE PRICING".

All of our engines are built in a climate controlled environment to ensure the cleanliness of your newly overhauled engine. We maintain a complete maintanence library with all of the latest service, parts, and AD information. All steps during the overhaul process are checked, double checked, and documented. We do not take any short cuts. All parts installed in your engine are either new or certified items and all engines are built to new parts tolerances. 

Our facility is large enough (100x100) to safely store your aircraft while the engine or engines are being overhauled. We believe that it is very important that you know your aircraft is being cared for while the engine work is taking place.