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Joe Schumacher has a long history of Aircraft Construction /Restoration, beginning with a Christen Eagle II that first flew in April 1981. Since then, he has built, restored or led a group of enthusiasts to complete more than 20 aircraft of all types of construction methods (all metal, tube & fabric and all composite).

Joe has developed many innovative designs to improve maintenance, performance and cosmetics. his attention to detail is second to none.

Schumacher Aero offers a complete homebuilt aircraft service in their newly completed workshop in northern Wisconsin. The shop is complete with full painting facilities in order to make it a turn-key operation. Joe Schumacher's extensive aviation experience affords him the ability to get things done expeditiously, yet thoroughly. From the time a project arrives until completion, it receives Joe's personal attention.

Joe has test flown more than 40 homebuilt or restored aircraft over the past 35 years. So when an aircraft is ready for that all important first test, Joe can take to the controls with confidence and skill.

Schumacher Aero can ensure a first class aircraft in the shortest possible timeframe.

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