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Contact Information

The name "Albatross Lady" was an email name that my husband assigned when we set up our first personal email addresses in Florida.  I was not to happy about it, but at the time, I did not have the computer skills to change my own email address.   I got used to it over time and when I started selling aviation real estate it was easy for people to remember so I created the "Albatross" website to market airpark properties.

It was our dream to live at an airpark when we sold our business and retired to Florida in1997.  John & I moved to Eagles Nest Aerodrome and Seaplane Base from the Atlanta area.  We chose Eagles Nest for the seaplane base and the country setting and still enjoy living here today.  We enjoy living a life centered around aviation and the camaraderie that comes with living in a community with people of similar interests.

I have been flying since 1991.  I am qualified in single and multi-engine land and seaplanes and rated in the Grumman Albatross. What we have really enjoyed is traveling extensively in the Albatross, "Our Flying Winnebago".  We have a lifestyle that is filled with many exciting adventures.  We now have 13 years of Albatross adventures, air shows and numerous cross country trips in our logbooks.  We enjoyed being awarded Judges Choice at the 2004 Lakeland "Sun'N Fun Show" as the Best Flying Yacht.  in 2005, we performed as the intermission entertainment at Budweiser Columbia Cup Tri-City Water Follies Unlimited Light Hydroplane boat competition in Pasco, Washington.  We were briefly featured in the last part of  The Travel Channels "Private Jets" program done with John Travolta.

Whether it is matching runway requirements to buyers aircraft or helping to select the community environment that will most suit your lifestyle and personal growth, I will work with you to find the aviation property of your dreams.

I work hard and I play hard.  I am up front & honest.  I am far from perfect and I won't always say what you want to hear,  but I work with integrity & profes