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Northwestern Aviation is a charter business specializing in off airport access in northwestern Alaska. We operate our Cessna 206 aircraft on wheels and floats during the summer and on wheel-skis during the winter and spring seasons. River rafts are available for rent. We use our experience in the region to assist customers in planning a trip that fits their interests, time frame, and experience level. We primarily provide logistic support for those who want to experience Alaska's wilderness on their own. For those interested in guided trips, we offer referrals. Trip prices are estimates based on a party of two or three with minimum gear (one Cessna-206 load) and under weather conditions that will allow direct flights. You must provide your transportation to Kotzebue. Alaska Airlines provides daily jet service from Anchorage (www.alaskaair.com).

If possible, we'll meet you at the Kotzebue airport and help you with your gear. Storage facilities are available for items while you are on your trip. We also are glad to pick up and store equipment, if you would like to send items by air freight.

We specialize in bush flying out of Kotzebue and would be happy to discuss possible trips and how we could accommodate your interests. We take pride in being safe, treating people like we like to be treated, and maintaining our aircraft to the highest standards.

If we can be of service to you, please e-mail, phone, or FAX us with your questions.

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