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Some old geezers with 70 years of aviation experience and 25,000 flight hours between them are offering some very nice airplanes. Rick Crout, Mike Kullenberg and Steve Price have done just about every job there is in general aviation. We have pumped gas, and washed airplanes. We have flown them and sold them, and fixed them on occasion. Our experiences in this business gives us a perspective on what is a quality airplane, and what it takes to make the proverbial "silk purse out of that sows ear".

Our experience covers the range from light experimentals to new Gulfstream's. We have operated multi jet 135 and 91 flight departments, owned a large aircraft sales company, done many RVSM, MNPS approvals, are members of the NBAA, AOPA, EAA, etc. But in all of that, our true love has always been light aircraft. Two of us are semi retired, and this is where we will be concentrating our efforts to bring excellent aircraft, aircraft we would like to own ourselves, to market. We do intend to have fun doing this, so we will not be a high volume seller, but we will always have a quality airplane for our clients.

Our skill sets also include consulting on just about every aspect of general and corporate aviation. We can provide guidance to start up operations including FOM's, RVSM, and other LOA's along with specific help as needed to established flight departments.

Get in touch with us today, and let us get you airborne.

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