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Our goal is to offer the very best aircraft for a lot less! How can we do that? We keep our company small and focused so that we can elimate many of the costs that are normally passed on to the end user. We also remember you, our customer, are our most valuable asset. We understand that you are trying to get the most for the least and we work to accompolish that every day in every deal.

Through our network of associates throughout the world, we research and buy quality aircraft with a good history. Therefore, we can represent them with the knowledge that our aircraft have the very best background. We've been in the aviation business for almost 30 years and we plan to be here for at least that many more.

Come on in and browse around. Check out our inventory and brokerage aircraft, then give us a call and let us show you what having the "Martin Sales Advantage" will do for your bottom line!

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