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  • Smoketown, PA USA 17576
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Our reputation as the ultimate paint facility took flight in 1991 in a small hangar at the Smoketown Airport located in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country. The founder, Lou Kerekgyarto, had a vision of doing light aircraft refinishing to the highest quality level possible, at a price that was fair. During that time, much effort was spent on determining the perfect refinishing system that yielded a product that was truly a cut above the rest.

To achieve these results a state of the art, environmentally controlled, paint both was constructed. Additionally, a completely separate assembly and diss-assembly hangar was erected. While this worked good, Lou realized that the stripping paint and creating sanding dust in the paint hangar, as many of his competitors did, was not ideal. This led him to move all paint striping and all sanding operations into a completely different hangar space. The results of these efforts spoke for themselves and allowed Lancaster Aero to produce better then new results. During the next 20 years this process was repeated hundreds of times.

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