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Contact Information

James G. Wiltz was born in Peoria, IL where he enjoyed a childhood of exploring and riding dirt bikes with friends.  After school, he was seldom indoors, but you could track him down building ATV trails and setting up campsites in the woods.  From a young age, he experimented with various entrepreneurial ventures including lawn care, snow removal, and an ATV sales business.  AT 18 years old, he sold the lawn care business to pay for aviation flight school where he would graduate with a Certified Flight Instructor License.

His father Bill is often at his side, sometimes spending weeks in the field on flying assignments.  Bill, who served as a Marine in Vietnam, has retired from a career as a lumberjack and farrer.  He and his wife Cathie are still very active in James' life. 

James' hobbies are SCUBA diving, Hatha Hot Yoga, and losing to his much lower handicap friends at golf.