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Vector West's founder, Andrew, has always had a fascination with airplanes.  His father is an aeronautical engineer, A&P, and pilot; along with his grandfather and great grandfather.  In a lineage that dates back more than three generations, aviation has always been a part of his life.  As a child, Andrew would spend his Summer vacations building model airplanes, learning the principles and theories of flight, and dreaming that one day he too could soar above the clouds.   While earning his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business, Andrew worked as an English and Italian sports car mechanic, and then transitioned to aircraft maintenance as a Cessna Service Center A&P.  He also earned his pilots license during this time and eventually saved enough money to become an aircraft owner.  Through his education and experience, Andrew felt there was more to offer the general aviation community, and as a result the idea for Vector West was born...A comprehensive Sales and Maintenance facility which consistently and reliably operates to the highest of standards.  

          - In May of 2013 the concept began to take shape and as of July 2013, we are up and committed to providing our services.  These first few years will be an exciting time at Vector West Aviation, as we continue to grow, progress, and add talented people to our team.  With a dedication to safety, we place a great emphasis on continuous education both inside and outside the aviation industry; this includes specialized type and recurrency training to stay on the forefront of modern technologies, as well as working with the FAA in order to obtain our Repair Station Certificate.

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