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Lease Aviation has been associated with flight training and aircraft rental at the 'Jimmy Stewart airport" since April 2006 and has constantly excelled in providing safe cost effective flight training together with well maintained and equipped aircraft.

        In June 2010 a new purpose built training facility was opened which is situated conveniently next to the main terminal. Lease Aviation is the only flight school on the airfield equipped to provide single engine Private pilot training.

       Our Piper Archer feature's a state of the art IFR Approved WAAS Certified "Garmin 430 GPS system". See the "School & Equipment" page for more details. 

        Lease Aviation provides reasonably priced professional flight training here at the Jimmy Stewart Airport, which is an excellent, friendly environment to learn to fly. Click HERE to visit their website for upcoming events and a listing of the only recognized airport businesses, plus details of the new 5500 ft runway project.

      Lease Aviation has one main objective      : To be able to get you through your training in the safest, quickest and most cost effective manner possible.

   Our Flight training Introductory package is an excellent value no obligation way to experience the thrill of piloting an aircraft. Most of our students start with this package, its a great way to sample being at the controls and actually flying the aircraft. The package also makes an excellent gift for anyone, young or old who are interested in aviation. 

       Lease Aviation is one of the few local flight schools authorised by the FAA to conduct sightseeing pleasure flights. Perfect for those who wish to simply relax and take in the sights of our beautiful local scenery.

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