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The University Flying Club is an organization that provides an affordable means for University of Maine students, affiliates, and community members to pursue flight training and to have access to an airplane. The club was established in 1969 and has expanded to include gatherings, ground schools, information sessions, and multiple aircraft.

The Club's non-profit status means its planes are offered to members at cost. This means members enjoy each hour of flight at literally half the cost or less of almost all charter services, and even most clubs. Flight time starts at just $65 per hour, including fuel. You can read more about our aircraft below.

Although the Club is affiliated with the University, and is focused on bringing aviation opportunities to students, non-student members are absolutely welcome. Undergraduate and graduate students, relatives of students, and other community members all take part. Members can hold either an introductory, flying, or non-flying status. Flying members run the gamut from brand new student pilots to commercial airline pilots.

Club meetings take place at the University of Maine campus every month (sometimes excluding summer months). Club meetings are not just for pilots; topics include those of general aviation interest. Past topics have included the process of becoming a pilot, presentations with Air Traffic Controllers, visits to see airport operations, and more.

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