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Since established in 1976, Felts Field Aviation, Inc (F.F.A.) has proudly been serving not only the pacific northwest, but also the continental United States, Alaska and Canada with first-class air charter service.
Our commitment to the business traveler as well as private individuals and groups has played a vital role to many valued customers in our region. In recent years, air travelers have experienced longer delays, exhausting check-ins and no increase in customer service. Felts Field Aviation provides convenience, comfort and complete customer care… and no more lost luggage! We provide both prop-jet and piston powered aircraft to meet the diversified needs of our clientele.
Convenient:  We offer hundreds of destinations not served by major airlines
Comfortable:  Ample room to conduct business meetings in flight in the private cabin.
Practical:  Our flexible scheduling enables you to depart on your schedule!
Accessible:  Avoid the hassles of airline terminals and delays.  We make air ravel a pleasure!
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