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Welcome to Bates Jet Inc.
BATES JET's rates are the best in the industry. You get what you pay for using Bates Jet: reduced sales costs.

Aircraft owners: if you are considering selling your aircraft please contact us. Bates Jet may buy your aircraft directly, or can sell your aircraft via our integrated marketing program.

Bates Jet finance division offers creative, low cost financing solutions that reduce your cost of jet ownership. We can aid your effort to sell your aircraft should a buyer need financing.

Are you seeking aircraft investments or leases that include returns to capital investments? Please call us for details.

Foreign buyers: Are you seeking U.S. based aircraft for your operations? Learn more about our exclusive buyer's acquisition program.

Seeking a profitable career path? Bates Jet offers numerous aircraft sales opportunities. Join our world-wide sales network and enjoy our profit sharing program. Contact us to learn more.

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