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In 1956, Doug Cochran bought his first plane, a Cessna 172. This was the seed that served as the impetus to get an airport for him to land. In 1964, this dream was cultivated, grew, and eventually bore fruit: Sky Acres Airport. In eight years, years filled with tireless toiling and countless sacrifices from his wife and six children, he had successfully converted a barn and farm into a runway and facilities for general aviation enthusiasts to share their love for flight.

Rumor has it Herb Styles was the first person to ever land a plane at the airport. Descending from the heavens in his single-engine Piper Comanche, he christened Runway 35 and offered a hint of things to come. It was almost as if destiny had come from the clouds. In 1976, Sky Acres Airport was sold to Herb and his family has owned the grounds ever since.

Fast forward to 1995, the year the runway was improved to FAA standards under the Airport Improvement Program (AIP). Federal funds were used to enlarge and resurface the runway to its 60 foot (width) by 3,828 foot (length) dimensions. The parallel taxiway (Runway 17) was extended as well. Currently there are three secondary parking ramps to accommodate turbine and jet aircraft.

Today, aviators are welcome to visit this 145 acres airport located in the town of Union Vale, NY in Dutchess County. Sky Acres is a reliever airport for Westchester County Airport.