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"Survival Flying " is the concept of flight training we developed for training arctic pilots. We now use it to train the Alaska Fish and Wildlife troopers for the brutal off field operations that they face daily. It is a threat-based training program as opposed to the maneuver- based FAA program most pilots are trained under. In a nutshell, we use the latest risk management and situational awareness skills to assess the threats in any environment then focus on the techniques to deal with those threats. Sometimes these threats are actually personal fears that prevent a pilot from rationally evaluating each new challenge so an integral part of the training is exploring the limits of their flying skills and the aircraft's capabilities, ie. advanced handling. Often it is training the pilot to think of all the possibilities to position his aircraft in a lesser risk position than he was a few seconds ago. (See comments in our guest book.)

"Survival flying " is an odyssey of discovery to examine all the things we do in the air to uncover better solutions for our day to day flying whether it be from Miami to Modesto or Talkeetna to the glaciers of Mt. McKinley. Virtually, everything we do in our flying sessions you will not have seen or practiced in any military or civilian flight program but all are designed to teach "least risk" positioning of your aircraft while maximizing your in-flight awareness and options.

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