Heli Aviation Florida LLC

  • 8191 N Tamiami Trail
  • Sarasota, FL USA 94135
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Heli Aviation based in Sarasota, Florida is the leading provider of helicopter services, focused in initial & advanced flight training, aerial & boat photography, banner-towing, external-load operations, scenic tours, powerline and pipeline operations and provide the most affordable Turbine time building opportunities & experience for career oriented helicopter pilots.

Our promise is to provide added value to our clients by delivering safe, reliable, efficient and friendly service through our unique training programs focused on a Target Zero Program which enhance safety, reliability and service performance, and are proven to take care of your most precious assets, your drilling and our teams. When you choose Heli Aviation, you will benefit from best safety record, friendly and hassle-free service and our unique accelerated training opportunities. Our ability and commitment to keep this promise is what distinguishes Heli Aviation from every other helicopter service provider and flight school.

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