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Premier Jet Training (PJT) is a leading provider of professional citation training in the combination of simulator and in-aircraft training segments
PJT’s signature course, the “5 Day Initial” provides clients their initial type ratings in 5 days, compared to its big box competitors 10-18 Day Initials. PJT is an FAA Part 61 insurance Approved Training Center that emphasizes the “Train to Proficiency” concept. Alternative of the cookie cutter approach to Part 142 Training, PJT’s courses account for previous pilot experience and offer the flexibility needed by today’s pro pilots and owner operators.

PJT’s staff of great instructors are not only highly experienced, they hold current medicals which means they still fly, unlike the typical tenured instructor at a Part 142 Training center who may have not flown in the last 10 years. In today’s ever evolving aviation industry, PJT feels it’s highly important to have relevant training instructors that carry today’s real world expertise.