United Flight Systems

  • David Wayne Hooks Airport KDWH
  • 20119 S Stubner Airline Rd
  • TX USA 77379
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In May of 2018, Bobby Doss and Matt Shaunty stepped back from their careers and allowed their passion for aviation to become a larger part of their life, taking the reins at United Flight Systems and carrying on United Flight System’s legacy. Both men prove that a devotion to flight can easily be turned into more a career and long-term avocation. The goal for us at United Flight Systems is always to create an environment where individuals feel that they are being provided with the resources that not only teach them to fly, but develop a love for aviation.

For those considering a career or flying or to just follow a passion, there are many advantages to choosing United Flight Systems. We are the only flight school at David Wayne Hooks Airport with a full motion simulator. This allows students and licensed pilots to develop further training on the ground when weather conditions may not be ideal for flying. The United Flight Pilot Shop, a full pilot supply shop, allows for direct access to the materials an individual may need to start their journey as a pilot.  Additionally, there are 12 planes in our active fleet allowing us to provide a high quality experience for students. Another advantage of choosing United Flight Systems is the pull through parking for our planes, which many flight schools lack. It guarantees that students do not have to move planes by hand, a huge plus when beginner students lack a comfort level or familiarity with the planes. Our philosophy of “training to maximum proficiency, not minimum standards” will always ring true. Our facility, resources, well-maintained aircraft, and highly qualified instructors provide a remarkable experience in aviation. We welcome you to join us for a special flying and learning program you are sure to enjoy!