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Turbine Conversions, Ltd. was established in October 1990 to develop new turbine-powered conversions, "The Tiger Pack", options for Agricultural Aircraft. The founder and president of TCL, William Hatfield, has been a leading force in the Agricultural Aviation industry for over 30 years. Bill and his wife, Nancy, started Hatfield Spraying Service in 1970 in Nunica, Michigan after Bill received his pilots license and degree from Western Michigan University. TCL has evolved into a family business. Their daughter Ann works in the office and her husband Mark drives truck as support for the spraying service.

Due to HSS operating a turbo prop aircraft and their long term commitment to the AG aviation industry, Bill Hatfield was approached in 1989 by Melex USA about doing a turbine modification to the PZL M18 Dromader. He formed Turbine Conversions, Ltd. to facilitate this modification.

TCL received the Supplemental Type Certificate for the M18 with a Pratt & Whitney Engine in 1990. Since then TCL has gone on to receive 10 additional STCs. TCL's STC portfolio includes GE Engine Conversion Packages for Thrush, Ag-Cat, Fat Cat, AirTractor, and several M18 Dromader enhancements including a hydraulic firegate and, most recently, a Single-Point Refueling System for all AG Aircraft. TCL's Hydraulic Firegate that has been operating in the field for over 10 years with very positive feedback from the National Forest Service.

Many of TCL's STCs are approved for use in Canada and Australia!

TCL is a dynamic company that specializes in design & development and production of quality turbine power kits and upgrades for aircraft.

One of TCL's strongest assets is its diverse design team. Each member contributes a wide variety of aeronautical experience and expertise.

TCL can also customize your aircraft with a one-time STC. Our vast experience working with the Federal Aviation Administration makes us experts at navigating the FAA paperwork channels.

We look forward to helping you upgrade your current aircraft with