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Schweiss manufactures two styles of doors: 1) the famous lift-strap bifold door, and 2) The "One Piece", Schweiss hydraulic Door. 
The Schweiss Lift-Strap System utilizes nylon web material, which quietly wraps on a take-up spindle when the start-stop button activates an electric motor. Tensile strength of this nylon strap: 29,000 lbs! Straps are quiet, clean, quick, rust-free, durable and longer lasting than steel cables. 
Schweiss Doors is one of about ten Hydraulic & Bifold door manufacturers nationwide, but only Schweiss has the patented nylon strap system. And size isn't an issue. Their biggest bifold door to date is a massive 140' wide facility. Their biggest single project: 145 doors, each 12' x 40', for T-hangers at Bult Field near Chicago, a new privately owned airfield. 
Creating tremendous interest within the construction and architectural industry is the new Schweiss Hydraulics. Builders like the clean, yet rugged design of these new products from Schweiss Manufacturing. Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders provide super stability. As one builder commented, "Hydraulic doors with the Schweiss name, it doesn't get any better."
Schweiss created a new world of interest with architects and builders with a marketing logo stating: 'You Think It, We'll Build It.' Today Schweiss doors can be ordered with walk-through 'designer doors', single or double insulated windows, remote radio controlled capability, photo eye sensor for emergency stop situations, virtually any 'skin' material, be it metal, aluminum, glass, redwood siding, slate, or stucco. And of course matching colors to accessorize the existing main structure. Doors can also be custom cut to follow the roofline to gain extra headroom.
Today the aviation industry claims about 75% of the total sales of Schweiss Manufacturing, which now employs about 62 people full-time. 
Costs vary depending upon the door size and options with current costs at $110-$130/linear foot installation included.