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Serving the Industry for over 50 years G&N began its operation in 1961. It has been our philosophy from the outset, that our products and service be the finest in the industry. We maintain this philosophy on a daily basis, with the concentrated and dedicated efforts of each of our employees to give you the best quality and finest service available. By putting forth this extra effort, we believe that we have set the standards for engine overhaul. All of our engines are produced to new fits and tolerances; service limit overhauls are not an acceptable alternative at G&N Aircraft. To assure you the finest engine overhaul available, we use genuine Lycoming and Continental parts. As a minimum, G&N follows the manufacturers published list of mandatory replacement parts that are required to be replaced at overhaul. Any additional parts that do not meet manufacturers new fits and tolerances are discarded and not used in any engine G&N builds. We have found that new cylinders have become an important consideration for many at overhaul. Customers are considering this in order to minimize future down times. We are able to control our production and turn-around times by maintaining in house the ability to perform the vast majority of rebuild functions, including electrical components (starters, magnetos, and alternators), fuel systems (carburetors, fuel injection, turbo controllers and relief valves). The lack of capability in the accessory area normally causes other shops to be at the mercy of their outside vendors. As required by (FAR 43.2 paragraph A, section 2), engines must be test run after overhaul. Every engine that G&N builds, whether as an overhaul or a repair, is run on one of our two water brake dynamometer test cells. In the test cell the engine is run for 3 to 4 hours to help start the engine break-in process. All of the essential parameters are monitored during the entire run. A copy of the test run data sheet is available to all customers who request one.