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Mercy Airlift is the non-profit humanitarian organization, which provides air transportation, emergency aid, medical services, recovery assistance, and sustainable human development programs to disaster victims and impoverished populations worldwide. We also provide logistical and transportation services to other organizations, assisting them in their efforts to provide emergency assistance to those in need.

Whether it's a natural disaster in the United States such as hurricane Katrina or hurricane Rita, or famine and drought in parts of Africa, or medical air transportation needs in Central and South America, Mercy Airlift stands ready to assist those in need with a full staff of volunteers ready to be dispatched for short or long term missions throughout the world.

Please review our site and look at our programs. See what we are doing and where we are serving. Mercy Airlift may be the organization which will assist you in being able to help those in need either by volunteering or by providing financial assistance. Mercy Airlift is here to provide Life-Saving Assistance and Life-Changing Solutions to those in need - and we're here to give you the opportunity to be of service to those who so desperately need assistance.