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EAA Insurance Solutions offers comprehensive aviation insurance benefits available exclusively to EAA members! You'll find insurance, advice, and support, along with a selection of special insurance plans that are designed especially for you.
EAA chose the experienced aviation insurance professionals at Falcon Insurance Agency, Inc. in the United States and Nacora Brokers Ltd. in Canada to bring you unsurpassed knowledge and experience for insuring the types of flying EAA members do and the aircraft that EAA members fly.
We offer the following insurance programs. Contact us for more information.
EAA Aircraft Insurance
EAA Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance
EAA Personal Insurance
EAA-C-Plan Aircraft Insurance (Canada)
EAA Powered Parachutes & Weight Shift Control Trike Insurance
EAA Aircraft Insurance Plan for Warbirds of America (WOA) members
EAA Aircraft Insurance Plan for Vintage Aircraft Association (VAA) members
EAA Aircraft Insurance Plan for International Aerobatics Club (IAC) members
EAA Flight Instructor Insurance
EAA Flying Club Aircraft Insurance
EAA Hangar Insurance
EAA Flight School Insurance
EAA Airport Insurance