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Boschung Global Aviation (BGA) is a valuable partner in aircraft sales and provider of aviation brokerage, acquisition, marketing and consulting services. The company was founded in 2008 to answer the needs of a new and unknown market of warbird aircraft. BGA has since become one of the largest warbirds networks in the world.

Boschung Global Aviation brand is a unique and distinctive network of brokerage specialists offering a wide selection of warbirds for sale throughout the world. The sale of a significant aircraft is truly noteworthy and requires highly-qualified warbirds professionals with global reach and local expertise.

Our warbird experts have an advantage not only because they have spent years negotiating the purchase and sale of planes around the globe, but also because they immerse themselves in the warbird market every day. We offer perfect global positioning, essential to facilitate your warbird transactions, including abroad. Our network provides access to warbirds for sale worldwide. It allows our clients to maximize the possibilities of finding the buyer at the global level. They benefit not only from the international reputation and prestige of the Boschung Global name on the warbird market but also from our extensive address book. It’s a privilege accessible to all – an undeniable competitive advantage and a sense of exclusivity, that only Boschung Global can offer you worldwide.

Selling with Boschung Global Aviation means benefiting from over 10 years of expertise. The customers take advantage of our strong relationships with reliable buyers, our unique global market intelligence, and flexible options that include selling directly to our inventory. Our international team of sales representatives, sales support staff and marketing professionals not only provide the clients with the resources they need to sell, but also create a unique sales strategy based on their aircraft and individual objectives. We are pricing, marketing and negotiating a sale that meets the goals of the cus