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Founded in 1998 by pilots and mechanics, Airforms, Inc. is the preferred supplier of components for many professional and recreational pilots. We have a large inventory of FAA/PMA approved parts. We also do prototyping and production with our state of the art CAD / CAM, CNC equipment for cutting and forming sheet metal.

Airforms, Inc. is located in the heart of the Alaskan aviation scene, 60 miles from Anchorage. Our products are developed as a result of the needs of real world use and often have been requested by experienced pilots, many of whom have wanted these improvements for some time.

We developed such popular innovations as the 4 inch wider "widebody" fuselage and high-strength rear lift struts for the Piper Cub. We also improved both the design and materials of numerous smaller parts for this aircraft.

Our team of craftsmen are proud of the impeccable workmanship of the products we produce. High quality and commitment to customer satisfaction have been the keys to our success. The use of state of the art CAD / CAM technology and CNC equipment has brought a high level of refinement to our products.

We ship parts to every corner of the globe. Our shipping rates are very low, considering our location. Also, we can supply FAA form 8130-3 with any approved part upon request.