Global School of Aeronautics

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Whether or not you are looking for your airframe and powerplant license, or just an airframe or a powerplant license separately, we are certainly here to help you!

When you come to our school on day one, you will get to know us. When you leave the school after 10 days, you will certainly not forget us, because what we do here is to help you do what you do out there. Also, when you leave Global School of Aeronautics, you will never be out of touch with us, because we will also help you land the job of your dreams, with our job placement program.

At Global School of Aeronautics, we are committed to excellence!
We are probably about as laid-back as you can get, and we like our students to be as well. The more relaxed you are, the more you have the opportunity to learn, have fun, and reach your goal of becoming an aircraft mechanic.