Younkin Aviation Inc

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  • West Fork, AR USA 72774
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Welcome to Younkin Aviation Inc.

Younkin Aviaiton Inc was started in 1957.  We strive to build the best R-985 & R-1340 Pratt & Whitney Engines.  Our Employees are trained in all types of inspection,  Magnaflux, Fluorescent Penetrant, Many types of Ultrasonic Testing , Zyglo, and checking of PMA-FAA parts to make sure they are airworthy to use.  

We are a custom engine overhauling shop not a assembly line shop,  we strive to rebuild your engine with all its original cases, crankshaft, cam, cylinders so you get your good stuff back and not junk!

We have all types of Machining equipment, Crank Grinders, Rod Machines, Cylinder Honing and Grinding, Lathes, Surface Grinders, Centerless Valve Grinding and Pin Grinders, Metalizing  Equipment, Balancing Machines, Flow Equipment for flowing Carburetors and Cylinders for Air Flow.  Test Cell-Dyno Test every Engine after overhauling.  

We have a full library of Pratt & Whitney AD"s , Pratt & Whitney Service Bulletins, Air-Plane Spec's, Airplane Manual, Accessory Manuals, and Etc.