Where can I find service links?

Services such as employment, finance, insurance, overhaul, training, etc. are located under the Services section of our site. Click on the 'Services' selection in the top navigation menu to view services on the site.

How can I seek additional assistance with the site or make a comment/suggestion?

Please feel free to call or email us, and we will be happy to receive your feedback and offer assistance with our site. You can reach us by phone at 1-800-337-5263 or 931-484-5137 or by email at Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm CST.

Some pages are hard to read.

The new is responsive and works on any device you own! Simply zoom in or hold down the "Ctrl" key and use your keyboards plus or minus keys to zoom in or zoom out.


Email Alerts – why does it say my search is too broad?

We require an additional parameter such as category, make, or model, to cut the search size group and speed up performance. If we do not do this, we search through our entire catalog of aircraft every hour. In short, we require these search parameters in order to keep our website running smoothly.

Elastic Search – why does your keyword search work the way that it does?

We use a common open source software called Elastic Search to do our keyword searches. It returns a score based on the criteria entered, prioritizing make/model/model group combination matches. Elastic Search only considers the following parameters: category, make, model, model group, year, location, whether a listing has a price or not, whether a listing has photos or not, and text descriptions including remarks, avionics, interior, and web description. From that information, Elastic Search builds a score based on the keyword entered and then bumps up listings that have a photo and a price. In order to ensure that, in a case where there are many equally-ranked listings, all high-ranking listings get a fair shake, we randomize the order of listings that have an equal score.
Note: Selecting a sort by option completely negates the relevancy sorting, so you may see additional matches that are only slightly relevant to your original search term.

Drilldown Searches - Why do I sometimes have to pick a category, make, or model, but sometimes I can just pick all of them?

When you visit an aircraft results page, we build a temporary table with the parameters you've chosen. To protect our website, we do some checks to ensure no one is fast forwarded to a results page if there’s more than 2,000 of something, nor can you select “All _____ “ ( e,g, All Categories, All Sub Categories, All Makes ) if there’s more than 2,000 and you can go into a subcategory.

How do I find items for sale near me?

You can use the zip code feature to locate listings within a set number of miles from your zip code. The zip code feature is included in the homepage search box as well as at the top of the listing results pages.

You can also use our geographic search under Find a Company in the top navigation menu to search for sellers by location within specified states.

How do I start a search?

The Trade-A-Plane website offers multiple search methods based on your search preference:

- offers a drill down search method so you can search by category/make/model. This option can be used if you know the exact category/make/model you are searching for on the site.

- offers a drill down search method and is a quicker option to start a drill down search than the top navigation menu. This option is located towards the bottom of the homepage and can be used to find a particular category of aircraft, parts, services, or real estate.

- offers the ability to choose a company based on product or service, geographic location or by name. The find a company search can be accessed through the top navigation or under Dealer Searches towards the bottom of the page on the homepage.

What if I can't find what I'm looking for?

If you can't find what you are looking for then you may need to broaden your search or expand the area you are searching within on the zip code radius. As a registered user, you can also setup an email alert to receive notification if an item matching your search becomes available.

Place a Listing

I just paid / activated my listing but can’t find it? Is it live?

Your active listing can always be found by entering your 6-7 digit listing ID into the search bar. Depending on how you search for your listing, it may sometimes pop right up, or may take a few hours.

How can I advertise on

Trade-A-Plane offers several advertising options to fit your needs. Click on the Place a Listing button located in the header of each page to view various advertising options.

How long will my listing stay online?

Your listing will stay online either 31 days or until it is sold based upon how the listing has been set-up. An email will be sent with renewal directions before an item(s) is removed from the site.

How do I add a photo to my listing?

The first step to make this process easier for you is to make sure the photo is saved on your computer or mobile device. The photo needs to be in a JPEG, JPG or GIF format in order to upload on the site. Saving the image on your desktop makes it easier to locate when you are uploading the photo.

When going through the Place a Listing option there is a specific step (Step 4: Photos/Media) to upload photos, videos and other documentation online. Simply click on the 'Browse for Images' button on this step then find the filename you would like to upload from the pop-up window. Click the open button within the pop-up window to start the upload process. Up to 20 photos or more (depending upon advertising package selected) can be uploaded for each listing.

Need further assistance? Please call 1-800-337-5263 or 931-484-5137, and we will be happy to assist you. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm CST.

How do I change the information on my listing once it has been submitted?

Login, click on the Manage My Listings button, then choose what type of listing you would like to edit. The listing editor screen will appear and allow you to do quick edits on the spec fields shown or detailed edits by clicking on the 'Edit Listing' or 'Edit Images' link under the Options column of this page.

I made changes to my listing, but they don't appear to be taking effect.

For quicker results, we pre-load all of our inventory data. This data is refreshed every two hours.

What is your refund policy? offers an affordable and valuable product for advertising your aircraft, part, product, service, engine, or real estate. Advertising with Trade-A-Plane gives you advertising exposure at a very competitive price, therefore, Trade-A-Plane does not offer refunds for advertising charges once your ad has been posted/printed. After appearance on the website the monthly minimum charge applies. Any unused packages will be refunded. will issue a refund if you mistakenly placed an ad and paid for it mulitple times. To file a claim for a refund please call 1-800-337-5263 or 931-484-5137. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm CST.

Login Features & Benefits

How do I register on the site?

Click on the Login link in the top right header of the site then click on the link under New Users (right side) to create a username and password.

Manage My Listings

How do I add, delete or edit an inventory item?

Login and click on the Manage My Listings button then select what type of inventory item you would like to edit/delete or click the Add a New Listing button to add a new item(s).

Saved Items/Alerts

Is there a charge to save a listing, save a search or set-up an email alert?

There is no charge for the save features on the Trade-A-Plane website. You must be a registered user to gain access to the email alerts. You must be logged in to access these features on the website.

What is a saved listing and how do I view my saved listing(s)?

A saved listing is a single item selected by the 'Save Listing' link text or button shown with each item listed on the website. You can view your saved listing(s) by logging in and clicking on the Saved Items/Alerts button on the main login screen then click on the Saved Listings button to display your saved item(s).

What is a saved search and how do I view my saved searches?

A saved search allows you to save a sequence of selections (category, make, model, engine, transmission, etc) to view the most current inventory for the selection at any time. You can view your saved searches by logging in and clicking on the Saved Items/Alerts button on the main login screen then click on the Saved Searches button to display your saved searches.

What is the difference between saved listings and saved searches?

A saved listing is a single item that you have saved while being logged into the website. A saved search is a particular search that you have saved and can view results for by logging in.

What is an email alert and how do I view my email alerts?

An email alert is a service allowing you to receive emails of updates on new aircraft listings added matching your saved search criteria on an hourly, daily, weekly, or bi-weekly basis. You can view email alerts by logging in and clicking on the main login screen then click on the Favorites/Email Notifications to display your alerts.


How do I change my seller settings?

Login and click on the Settings button then go to Company Account Settings. You can change your company name, contacts, address, phone and email information here.

How do I configure my email contacts?

Login and click on the Settings button then go to Configure Email Contacts. This option allows you to add new email addresses and edit existing email set-ups.

How do I change my password?

Login and click on the Settings button then go to Change Password. You will be asked to enter your current and new password for account verification.

How do I activate the automatic login feature?

Login and click on the Settings button then go to Auto Login and click the Activate Automatic Login button.

Internet Scams & Fraud

Compromised Password Warning from Google Chrome

Recently Google Chrome rolled out a compromised username / password check into the web browser. If you use the same username and password across multiple websites, and that username and password combination has been tied to a data breach, Chrome gives a warning that the username and password combination is compromised. This does not mean our website was breached, simply that this username and password combination has been compromised on another website. You should most likely change your password for our website as well as any others you may have signed up for using the same credentials. It's possible that this breach was not related to one of your accounts at all, and that someone else with the same username and password combination was subject to a breach.

How do I report a suspicious buyer or seller to Trade-A-Plane?

You can contact Trade-A-Plane at 1-800-337-5263 or 931-484-5137 or email to report any suspicious activity. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm CST.

What should I do if I think I may be a victim of an internet scam or fraud?

Buyer Warning

You should report any suspicious activity including internet scams or fraud to the following authorities:

Federal Trade Commission for consumer information offers practical information on a variety of consumer topics.

Internet Crime Complaint Center an FBI and NW3C Partnership accepts online complaints for internet fraud and scams.

You should also check with your local government about filing an internet complaint.

Where can I view the latest internet scams?

You can find the latest information on internet scams and fraud on the Federal Trade Commission site.