For just $99 you can register to sell your piston aircraft in the Trade-A-Plane Seller's Corral at the . On , your for-sale aircraft will be showcased on-site to pilots and enthusiasts from around the world.

After signup, a Trade-A-Plane representative will call you to gather required documentation and payment. The registration deadline to sell your aircraft in is , , at 12:00 noon CT. Space is limited to 15 aircraft, so hurry to claim your spot!

Participation limited to private sellers. Aircraft must be individually-owned, non-broker represented, piston aircraft.

Only 15 Registration Slots Remaining

Basic Seller Contact info

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  • If the pilot / on-site handler will not be the owner, check here. 

Basic Plane info

    If we don't have your exact make / model, please select the most similar make / model and include the correct make / model information in the "Other Information" field.

Terms and Conditons

  •  I, the seller, acknowledge that I will be required to provide satisfactory proof of insurance and a Waiver of Subrogation to AOPA prior to the event date.

  •  I, the seller, acknowledge that it is my responsibility to review and comply with the arrival and departure procedures that will be released to me approximately six weeks prior to the show.

  •  I, the seller, acknowledge that the pilot of the aircraft may be required to taxi on grass to park the aircraft in the designated location.

    Please provide as much information as possible for an accurate VREF from AOPA. If you would like to complete this later, please download the form and email it to the Trade-A-Plane representative.

    Aircraft Base

  • Aircraft VREF Details

  • I accept the Trade-A-Plane terms of use & service:   

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      In the event Exhibitor is only displaying an aircraft owned by Exhibitor for sale at the Seller’s Corral, Exhibitor may satisfy this insurance requirement by providing a Pleasure and Business aircraft insurance policy with:
    • (i) hull coverage in the estimated value of the aircraft;
    • (ii) liability limits of at least $1,000,000 each occurrence and sub-limits, if any, of no less than $100,000 per passenger;
    • (iii) AOPA and the appropriate local entities at the event (as identified by AOPA) named as additional insureds; and
    • (iv) a waiver of subrogation in favor of those additional insureds.