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  • In 1997 EDRA Aeronáutica was founded by Rodrigo Scoda, pilot and aeronautical engineer. The name was changed in 2015 to Scoda Aeronautica due to so many Brazilian companies named “Edra”. Our goal was to distinguish ourselves from these other companies. Using the design concept of a bi-plane, retractable landing gear and pusher style engine, the complete redesigning of the aircraft began. In 2002, using much improved technology, production processes and building materials to include the ROTAX 912 engine, the Super Petrel LS 100 was born. Other than the name “Petrel”, there is no connection to any previous company or aircraft prior to 2001. In 2008 the first Super Petrel LS was built and in 2014 the aircraft received FAA certification approval as a S-LSA. In January of 2016, we opened our new Aircraft Sales, Aircraft Re-Assembly, Transition Flight Training, Super Petrel Aircraft Maintenance and Parts Distribution Center. We are located at the Ormond Beach Airport, (KOMN) Florida. Please see our website at for much more information including video’s. The future for the Super Petrel LSA is bright. Each year our sales continue to increase as word of this fantastic airplane continues to spread. We are now entering what we refer to as “Phase 2” of our company plan for the future. We re-assemble the aircraft when they arrive from Brazil as before however, we are now installing the Rotax engines, avionics and performing the initial flight test of each new aircraft. The intent is to reduce the wait time from initial deposit to final delivery for our customers. Our final goal in “Phase 3”, is to completely build the Super Petrel LSA here in America using American skilled workers. Ormond Beach Florida has proven to be a wonderful choice for our home in America. The City is now claiming the Super Petrel LSA as the Ormond Beach airplane.

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