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  • Vector Motors Corporation (VMC) creates "The Next Generation Vector" - A new Hyper-Performance Road Vehicle (HPRw. The Vector Motors WX8 Hy- percar features an Electric / Hybrid or 7.0 liter “Small-Block” or 10.0 liter “Big-Block”. The new Vector WX8 features aerospace technology, logic, ma- terials and systems. The USA-Built Twin-Turbocharged V8 is integrated with the aerospace engineered chassis & jet fighter carbon fiber fuselage giving the Vector a 500+ mile range and a top speed capability of over 300 MPH. This makes it the fastest production road vehicle ever. The Vector WX8 has the largest flat-panel displays 8. the most advanced instrumented cockpit of any Supercar and the U.S.A.F. substance of an Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF) aircraft. The WX8 is a " IN THE ‘ " “Hyper-Tech-Machine” that takes Vector Hyper-Car race-proven performance to the hightest level.

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