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  • I’ve had many unique experiences… Before becoming a Franchise Recruiter… Business owner/entrepreneur… -Flight School -Repossession Company (yes really) Retired(For a while) Sold everything, bought a boat and sailed in the Caribbean… Got back into flying became an airline pilot…. I don’t intend to brag, I’m not….Really! But to show you that I’ve done all these things … Why? They were all dreams of mine, so in many ways I’m an expert at making dreams come true, and I can do that for you too….Entrepreneurship coupled with the right franchise will be your ticket to success and the life of your dreams. 80% of ALL millionaires are business owners… But business ownership can be risky, and often is… However Franchise ownership is like shooting fish in a barrel, and a very small barrel at that. The business plan, employee manual, logos, methods, and product development…Everything that goes into a successful business has already been developed. But which Franchise is right for you? That’s where I can help… By using scientific methods (core values assessment), and asking the right questions, together we can find the best franchise for you. One that takes advantage of your skills, strengths and minimizes any weaknesses… Providing maximum profitability, with the minimum risk… What would be a good fit for you?

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