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Part Number: UJP-KT-2T
Description: UNIVERSAL JOINT KIT, Piper w/

Qty per Aircraft:
Unit of Measure: EACH

Save time and money searching for parts and hard to find taper reamers!

AD 2010-15-10 requires inspection of the connection between the control yoke universal joint and the shaft on the forward (engine) end of the joint. This inspection is a convenient time to replace worn out u-joints.

A universal joint attaches to each control yoke shaft behind the instrument panel. Replacement of the universal joint is required if any free motion or rust around the joint pivots is detected.

Each convenient kit also includes two types of nut; only two of the four nuts provided are required when installing the universal joint. Refer to the illustrated parts catalog for your aircraft to determine the correct fastener configuration.
-Replace worn or corroded joints
-Piper aircraft models PA28, PA32, PA34 and PA44
-Kit helps comply with AD2010-15-10 and Piper Service Bulletin 1197D
-McFarlane's affordable taper pin removal tool quickly and safely removes stuck taper pins!

Kit Contents:
-404-156  NUT, Piper (MS21083N3)  2 EACH
-404-526  NUT, Piper (MS21042-3)  2 EACH
-62716-007  SHAFT  1 EACH
-6532  REAMER, Taper, #1 B&S  1 EACH
-6533  DRILL BIT, #5 HSS Jobber  1 EACH
-AN386-1-6A  PIN, Taper  2 EACH
-AN960-10  WASHER, 3/16", Steel  2 EACH
-AN975-3  WASHER, Taper Pin  2 EACH
-CA62834-802  UNIVERSAL JOINT, Control Wheel 1 EACH

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