1987 HAWKER 800A


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West Palm Beach, FL USA

General Specs


1,492 SOH

1096 SOH




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Detailed Description

Honeywell Primus Epic CDS/R Glass Cockpit - $700K Value; Aviation Partners Winglets - $450K Value; Gogo Biz High Speed Wi-Fi; 48 Month Inspection - 2014 by Duncan Aviation; New Paint - 2014 by Duncan Aviation; Exquisite Custom Designed Interior - Pristine Condition; Bose Surround Sound System; Marble Countertops Imported from Israel; Sound Deadening Insulation Package Upgrade; No Known Damage History.

Avionics / Equipment


Honeywell Primus® Epic CDS/R 3-Tube Glass Cockpit 

Dual Collins Comms VHF22As (8.33 spacing)

Dual Collins Navs VIR32s AGM Nav System

Dual Collins DME42s

Dual Collins ADF-60

Dual Collins TDR-94 Transponders

Dual Baker Audio System

Dual Sperry EDZ-611 Elect Flight Directors w/ED 600 Electric Display

Sperry Primus 650 Radar

Sperry AA-300 Radio Altimeter

FMZ-2000 Flight Management System w/version 5.2 software

Sperry Digital DFZ-800 Autopilot

Dual Sperry ADZ 810 Air Data Comp System

King KHF 950 HF with SELCAL

Teledyne Angle of Attack Indicator

Honeywell TCAS II System 7.0 software upgrade

Aircell ST3100 Phone System

GC810 AFCS Control Panel

AZ810 Air Data Computers

ED800 Electronic Display

RI-815 Heading/Course Selector

MG-817 Multi-Function System Generator

AT-850 Lightning Sensor

WC-870 Radar Controller

Fairchild A100 Cockpit Voice Recorder

B&D Cabin Display

Airshow 400 with two monitors – FWD bulkhead and AFT bulkhead

XM Weather and Charts


Aviation Partners Winglets

Dee Howard Thrust Reversers

N1 Deecs

RVSM Capable


Jump Seat

(2) Davtron Clocks

Lopresti Boom Beam Lighting System

Emergency Light Lead Acid Battery STC


Artex 406 ELT Installation w/GPS/NAV Interface

BF Goodrich Brake Modification

Bose® Surround Sound System

Additional Insulation

Lead Acid Battery

XM Radio

Gogo Biz High Speed Wi-Fi


(as of 4/23/18):
9,675.3 Hours
6,463 Landings

Engines / Mods

(as of 4/23/18):
Engine #1 -
9,493.7 Hours
6,425 Cycles
1,491.9 TSO

Engine #2 - 
9,250.7 Hours
6,292 Cycles
1,096.5 TSO

Honeywell TFE-731-5R-1H Engines
4200 Hour TBO

APU Total Time (as of 4/12/18):
5,457.4 Hours
Solar T62T-40C8DI APU

Interior / Exterior


Eight passenger interior with tan leather chairs.   Marble countertops in refreshment center and lavatory, and floors in lavatory, imported from Israel.  Tan carpet and medium wood. 


New Exterior in 2014 by Duncan Aviation.  Overall white with burgundy bottom.


Honeywell Primus Epic CDS/R Glass Cockpit - $700K Value

Aviation Partners Winglets - $450K Value

Gogo Biz High Speed Wi-Fi 

New Paint - 2014 by Duncan Aviation

Exquisite Custom Designed Interior - Pristine Condition

Bose Surround Sound System

Marble Countertops Imported from Israel

Sound Deadening Insulation Package Upgrade

No Known Damage History


CAMP Maintenance Tracking 

400 Hour Walk Around complied with 9/2017 @ 9394.8 hours; next due @ 9794.8 hours

B1-B12 800 Hour Inspection complied with 3/2016 @ 9011.3 hours; next due @ 9811.3 hours

C1-C12 1600 Hour Inspection complied with 11/2017 @ 9478.0 hours; next due @ 11078.0 hours

D1-D12 3200 Hour Inspection complied with 8/2002 @ 6739.9 hours; next due @ 9939.9 hours

E1-E12 12 Month Inspection complied with 4/2017; next due 4/2018

F1-F12 24 Month Inspection complied with 3/2016; next due 3/2018

G 48 Month Inspection complied with 6/2014; next due 5/2018

4 Yr/48 Month Structural Inspection/X-Rays complied with 6/2014 @ 8793.3 hours; next due 5/2018

8 Yr/96 Month Structural Inspection/X-Rays complied with 6/2010 @ 8155.8 hours; next due 5/2018

15/18 Year 216 Month Inspection complied with 6/2010 @ 8155.8 hours; next due 5/2028

Landing Gear Overhaul complied with 1/2011 @ 5509 cycles; next due 12/2022 @ 10509 cycles

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