1994 HAWKER 800A


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Sarasota, FL USA

General Specs


9,325 SNEW

9372 SNEW





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N954H. 1994 HAWKER 800A

Current MSP
Honeywell Avionics

RVSM and TR's
135 Operated
Professionally Flown

Avionics / Equipment

FMS: Dual Honeywell NZ 2000 Version 6.0
TCAS: Honeywell TCAS II 4066010-910
A/P: Honeywell DFZ-800
COMM: Dual Honeywell SPZ-8000
NAVS: Dual Honeywell 7018879-03022
AHRS: Dual Honeywell AC-810
CVR: Fairchild A100A
RMU: Dual Honeywell RM-850
ADF: Dual Collins ADF-60 B
TPDR: Dual Honeywell RCZ-851
EFIS: Honeywell EDZ-818
RADAR: Honeywell WU-870
RAD ALT: Honeywell RT-300
GPS: Single GNS HG2021GD01
TAWS: Honeywell Mark VII EGPWS
ADC: Dual Honeywell AZ-810
HF: Single King KHF-950 w/SELCAL
Flightphone: SatCom Direct 9505 System

Therapeutic Oxygen 
Long-Range Oxygen System 
Thrust Reversers
DeVore Tel-Tai Lights  
Forward RS Baggage


9,572.8 Hours Total Time
6,678 Total Landings

Engines / Mods

ENGINES ON MSP: TFE-731-5R-1H (TBO: 4,200) 

SN: P91627
MPI   C/W 8454.2 Eng. Hrs. 
CZI    C/W 6275 Eng. Hrs.  

TTSN: 9325.6 Eng. Hrs. 
Next due in 1012.4 Eng. Hrs.  
Next due in 1149.4 Eng. Hrs.

SN: P91639      
MPI   C/W 8454.2 Eng. Hrs. 
CZI    C/W 6201 Eng. Hrs.   

TTSN: 9372.1 Eng. Hrs.   
Next due in 1012.4 Eng. Hrs.  
Next due in 1028.9 Eng. Hrs.

SN: SP-E935318
TTSN: 5386.1
Rebuilt: 8.2015, Time Since: 449.4 APU HRS.

Interior / Exterior

Original Matterhorn White with Burgundy and Grey Accent Stripes

Interior Configuration:
Executive Seating for Eight (8) with Overall Tan Leather , Refurbished in 2006. Lightly updated in 2011.
Seating to include Forward Four-Place Club, Aft Three-Place Divan and a Single Seat
Beige Headliner with Russet Carpeting
Belted Aft Lav with Privacy Partition
Forward Galley for Refreshments with Microwave
Mahogany Wood Cabinetry throughout the Cabin
Entertainment features to include Airshow 200, VCR, CD player, VHS Video & Disc player


Normal Range: 2390 nm
Max Range: 2570 nm
Service Ceiling: 41000 ft
Max Speed: 442 kts
Normal Cruise: 429 kts
Max T/O Weight: 27400 Lb
Max Landing Weight: 23350 Lb
Operating Weight: 16000 Lb
Fuel Capacity: 10000 lbs Lb
Payload W/Full Fuel: 1600 Lb
Max Payload: 2000 Lb

4 Year X Ray        Next due Jun. 2018
8 Year X ray        Next due Feb. 2021
Gear O/H (144 Mo. 5000 Cyc.) B Insp. 800 Hr.   Next due Apr. 2027 / 11375 Cyc.
C Insp. 1600 Hr.      c/w @ 8918.8      Next due 9718.8 Hrs.
D Insp. 3200 Hr.      c/w @ 9067.2      Next due 10667.2 Hrs.
E Insp. 12 Mo.         c/w @ 9067.2      Next due 12267.2 Hrs.
F Insp. 24 Mo.         c/w on Jun. 2017  Next due Jun. 2018
G Insp. 48 Mo.       c/w on Aug. 2016  Next due Aug. 2018
Wing Links            c/w on Jun. 2014      Next due Jun. 2022
N1 DEEC’s                Mar. 2008
Lead Acid Main Ship Batteries Installed Current CFR Part 135

Aircraft is Based in Ithaca, New York (KITH/Ithaca Tompkins Regional)

Specifications and descriptions are provided as introductory information. They do not constitute representations or warranties of International Aviation Marketing, Inc. Accordingly, you should rely on your own inspection of the aircraft prior to making any purchase or offer to purchase.

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