1981 AEROSTAR 700P


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Windsor, ON CAN

General Specs


1,275 SFOH

1275 SFOH

191 SNEW

191 SNEW






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Detailed Description

REDUCED ! 1981 AEROSTAR 601P SUPER 700, Superstar 1, TTSN 5543 HRS, 1275 HRS SFRM, Props 191 TTSN. Corporate Owned & Maintained, flown regularly, One owner 2 pilots, for the last 15 years.

Avionics / Equipment

Bendix KFC-200 (HIS Flight Director Auto-Pilot)
	Ground Clearance Switch 
	Aux Radio Master Switch 
	RDR 160 Color Radar 
	WX-1000 Stormscope
	Garmin 530 MFD/GPS/COM1/NAV1 GPS Coupled
	Garmin 430 MFD/GPS/COM2/NAV2
	Garmin 106A Indicator
	Garmin GTX327 Transponder
        JPI 7000 Duel Engine Monitor W/4 TIT
	Garmin 340 Audio/Marker/Intercom +6 Place intercom
	6-Place NCR Headset Jacks
	Shaden AMS-2000 Altitude Alerter
	Flightcom DVI-300i Clearance clock

Engines / Mods

High Performance Factory Upgrades, Options, - Kits Installed:
	Option #126 – Electric Windshield Anti-Ice
	Option#144 – Static Discharger Wicks
	Option#241 – Inconel. Front Exhaust System New 2016
	Option#242 – Inconel Exhaust Tailpipes
	Option#246 – NEW 700-6 Wheel Brake System
	Option#247 – Turbo Intercooling
	Option#248 – Over Boost Protection 
	Option#249 – Low Noise Signature Props
	Option#250 – Low Speed Flight Control
	Option#251 – Fireproof Engine Hoses 
	Option#252 – Crankcase Oil Recovery
	Option#253 – Auxiliary Electric Seal Pump
	Bulletin #746C – Landing Gear Torque Links 
	Bulletin #920A – Engine Fire Detection Kit 
	Bulletin #600-119- Inconel Turbo Clamps
	Bulletin #600-120 – Engine Control Cables
	Bulletin #600-126 – Fuel Vent/Expansion Kit
	Bulletin #600-127 – In-Line Oil Filter
	Bulletin #600-128 – Nose Gear Drag Brace
	Bulletin #600-129A – Turbo Relief/Shut-Off
	Bulletin #600-130 – Horizontal Stabilizer Fittings 
	Bulletin #600-131A – NEW Turbo Scavenge Pumps 
	Bulletin #600-132 – Spat Cap Inspection 
	Bulletin #600-133111 – Aileron Bracket	
	Bulletin #600-134A – Landing Gear Side Braces

	Additional Installed Equipment – Features:
	Dave Clark NCR Headphone Jacks
            Pulselite 1220 Landing light system 
	Hydraulic Spoilers
	Pneumatic Door Strut
	Pneumatic Cargo Door Strut
	Glare Shield Nose Steering Switch 
	Wing/Tail-boots/Hot props
	Fuselage Fabric Aircraft Cover
	True Airspeed indicator
	Dual Hi-Amp Alternators
	Center and Lower Plastics 
	Electric Aileron Trim
	Sea Level Pressure Controller
	Electric Windshield Anti-Ice
	Aux. Electric Door Seal Pump
	Aux. Hydraulic Pump
	180 Gal. Fuel Tank System
	Engine Fire Detection Kit
	Co-Pilot PTT
	Shadin Fuel Flow Computer
	Auxiliary Hydraulic System
	Propeller Synchophaser
	JB Electric Driven Air Conditioning 
	NEW Windshield – 485 HRS AGO

Interior / Exterior

	Apr 2001 Millennium Paint by KD-Reese Aviation 
	Navy Blue/White (Red & Gold Accents)
	Stainless Steel Hardware Kit
	Condition: 7 on a Scale of 10
	Apr 2001 total FAR 25.823 (A) Compliant, by Leading Edge Interiors
	AMG Saddle Leather Seats with Center Leather Perforations
	Navy Carpet with Gold Accent
	6 Seats Exclusive Interior with Swivel – Bench Seat
	Condition: 7 on a Scale of 10

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