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Tulsa, OK USA

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847 SFRM

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This Part 135-maintained,  De-Ice equipped 58 Baron sports the newer 1,900-hour TBO Factory Reman Engines, late-model Hartzell 3-Blade Props, Factory Wing Spar Mod, excellent IFR avionics including GNS-430W, Dual HSI’s, Shadin Dig FF, Engine Analyzer, Stormscope, Century IV Autopilot, Vortex Generators, Ice Damage Prevention Plates, Rosen Visors, and more. The logs and maintenance records, and the ownership history of this bird are exemplary. Good paint & Leather interior. A solid flying bird that has had over $100,000 invested in the past year. All logs. No damage history.  (Log copies have been uploaded to the ‘Service Logs’ section below for your review.)

Avionics / Equipment

P.S. Engineering PMA-7000MS Audio Panel with 3-Light Marker Beacons and Voice-Activated Stereo Intercom System
Garmin GNS-430W IFR-WAAS-Approach-Certified GPS-Com w/ VOR/LOC & Glideslope; Terrain Avoidance, & Color Moving Map Display (coupled to EFISA HSI)
Sandel SN3308 EFIS HSI
King KY-196A Digital Com Radio #2
King KNS-80 Digital RNAV System with VOR.LOC & 2nd Glideslope & Digital DME; coupled to the #2 HSI
Century NSD-360 Slaved HSI #2
King KR-87 Digital ADF w/ Flight Timer
3M WX-10A Stormscope
King KT-76A Transponder w/ Mode-C Encoding
Century IV Autopilot fully coupled to both HSIs with Hdg & Nav/GPS Tracking, Altitude Hold, Pitch Mode, Glideslope Coupling, & Go-Around Mode
Additional Equipment:
Current Part 135-maintained 58 Baron with meticulous & voluminous logs & records!!
All New BFGoodrich De-Ice Boots installed on wings and tail surfaces in December 2010
Alcohol Windshield & Props
Beech Factory Wing Spar Attach Plate Reinforcement Kit
Late-Model Hartzell STCd 3-Blade Props  (STC # SA773CE)
Fuel Capacity 166 Gallons
Sky Harbour Aircraft Refinishing STCd Ice Damage Prevention Plates  (STC # SA0227NY)
DShannon Products STCd Engine Cooling Air Baffle Systems  (STC # SA09220SC)
Shadin Digi-Flo Digital Fuel Flow Computer
Micro Aerodynamics STCd Vortex Generators on Wings and Vertical Tail (STC # SA5175NM)
Icarus 3070 Altitude Alerter
Electronics International US-Ultimate Engine Analyzer  (STC # SA4302NM)
Precise Flight Pulselite System  (STC # SA4006NM)
Davtron 5-Function Indicator w/ Outside Air Temp in C & F, Pressure & Density Altitude, & Voltage Monitor
Davtron 903 DVOR Radial & Bearing Indicator
Engine Oil Filters
Performance Aero Flap Actuator Covers
Cleveland Wheels and Brakes  (STC # SA912GL)
Whelen TSO-C96A Class III Upper & Lower Beacon Lights
Strobe Lights
Dual Rams Horn Control Yokes
Pilots Yoke-mounted Autopilot Disconnect,Touch Control Steering (TCH), and Go-Around (GA) Switches
Pilots Yoke-mounted Electric Trim, and Transponder Ident Switches
Dual Push-to-Talk Switches
Ground Communication Switch
Passenger Club Seating w/ Overhead Reading Lights & Overhead Fresh Air Vents
Nose Baggage Compartment
Aft Baggage Compartment w/ Cargo Restraint Net
Rear Clothes Hangar Rack & Hat Shelf
Brackett Air Filters  (BA6205)  (STC # SA71GL)
Rosen STCd Tinted Articulating Sunvisors  (STC # SA3599NM)
24-Volt Auxiliary Power Source (Cig Lighter type) for charging portable GPS, iPad, iPhone, etc.
Avionics Master Switch
Autopilot Master Switch
Remote ELT
Hobbs Meter
Map Light
Fire Extinguisher
Complied with AD 90-08-14 Wing Spar Structure in July 2017 by dye penetrant inspection. No defects found. Next due at 8,602 hours total time.
Autopilot Elevator Trim Servo repaired & recertified by Stellar Avionics in June 2017
Overhauled Landing Gear Motor in Sept 2016
New Main Batteries in June 2016
Overhauled Sigmatek 5000E-11 Attitude Gyro in March 2016
Overhauled Tachometer in February 2016
Overhauled Right Hand Alternator September 2015
All Left Hand and one Right Hand Fuel Sender Units overhauled by Air Parts of Lock Haven in August 2015 (the other right two units overhauled in May 2015)
All New Left Hand Fuel, Oil, Air & Drain Hoses installed with Factory Reman Engine in June 2015
Flap Motor Assembly overhauled in December 2014
Overhauled Left & Right Flap Actuators in September 2014
Zero-time overhauled Left Engine Fuel Boost Pump installed in August 2014
Both Prop Governors overhauled by New England Propeller Service, & both Fuel Selector Valves overhauled in January 2014
Two New Janitrol Heater Fuel Pumps installed in December 2013
Beech Factory Wing Spar Reinforcement Kit installed in May 2013
All New Door & Escape Window Seals in February 2011
New Right Main Fuel Cell in April 2010
New Left Main Fuel Cell in May 2009
Max Gross Takeoff Weight: 5,500 lbs  /  Empty Weight: 3,829 lbs  /  Useful Load = 1,671.0 lbs
This aircraft has been on a Part 135 maintenance program for many years and has excellent logs and records. Over $100,000 spent on this aircraft in the past year alone


8,249 Hours Total Time Since New

Engines / Mods

Left Engine:
847 Hours on 1,900-hour TBO Factory Reman Engine  (6/2015)
Make: Continental  / Model: IO-520-CB8B  /  Serial # 1012271
Right Engine:
231 Hours on 1,900-hour TBO Factory Reman Engine  (5/2017)
Make: Continental  /  Model: IO-520-CB8B  /  Serial # 1034020
Left Prop:
940 hours since Overhaul on 3-Blade Alcohol Prop by New England Propeller Service, Inc.  FAA CRS # RC2R130L  (1/2015)
Make: Hartzell  / Model: PHC-J3YF-2UF  /  Serial # ED4689B
Right Prop:
942 hours since Overhaul on 3-Blade Alcohol Prop by New England Propeller Service, Inc.  FAA CRS # RC2R130L  (1/2015)
Make: Hartzell  / Model: PHC-J3YF-2UF  /  Serial # ED4706B

Interior / Exterior

Exterior:  (7)
Aircraft stripped, etched, conversion coated, primes and painted by KD Aviation, Inc. in April 2011.
All flight controls were removed for process, checked for static balance and reinstalled. Installed stainless steel fasteners on engine cowl & nacelles.
Installed a radome abrasion boot. Replaced wing & tail root molding.
 Aircraft was painted with the following colors:
Matterhorn White  (WA150)
Black  (571010)
Gray  (55137X)
Rated - 7.
Interior: (7 to 7+)
All aircraft interior replaced by Aero Trim LLC in May 2008 with material meeting the burn test requirements of FAR 23.853(a) & FAR 25.853(a).
Light Gray Leather upholstery with matching Light Gray sidepanels.
Dark Gray carpeting.
Off-White interior window trim and headliner.
Pilot & Co-Pilot seats have sheepskin seat covers for comfort and to protect the leather.
Rated – 7 to 7+.


All Logs Since New.
No Damage History.
Annual Inspection next due: July 1, 2018
24-Month IFR Pitot/Static, Altimeter/Transponder check next due: July 1, 2019

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